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Unit Sizes

Small Closet or Bedroom

5 X 5 (25 Square Feet)

  • Chest of drawers, office supplies, Chair
  • Clothing
  • Small number of file boxes

Large Walk in Closet

5 X 10 (50 Square Feet)

  • Couch & chair, chest of drawers
  • Small business inventory
  • Seasonal Yard Equipment
  • Excessive Furniture
  • Bicycle or motorcycle
  • Lawn mower or small tractor

Small Average Room

10 X 10 (100 Square Feet)

  • Average size bedroom
  • 1/2 of 1 car garage
  • Furniture from one bedroom apartment or home with Refrigerator or washer/dryer

Large Bedroom

10 X 15

  • Large Bedroom
  • Furniture from small 2 bedroom apartment
  • Car or Truck

Average One Car Garage

10 X 20 (200 Square Feet)

  • Furniture from small house or 2 bedroom apartment with appliances
  • Car or truck w/additional small items
  • Contractor Inventories

Long Garage

10 X 30 (300 Square Feet)

  • Furnishings from 3 bedroom house w/appliances
  • Car, truck, or boat w/additional small items
  • Equipment-commercial inventories


We realize the main reason you probably visited this web site was to find out how much it costs to rent one of our units. Because economic conditions may dictate the need to raise, and yes, even lower our prices at any time we ask that you call us at (207) 856-1200 for a current price quote on all of our units.